Monday, November 10, 2008

Naches Jeepin Trip!!!!

A Camp Robber eating from Ryan's hand! Mike going up Funny Rocks!

Forest on Rob!

The jeepin group!

Forest Climbing!

Happy Halloween!!!

The sweetest Minnie Mouse ever!
This is a scary group!! Ryan topped everyone, the cute girls would not even walk with him!

These are the cute girls! Taytom and Addy the two cutest faries ever!!!

These two are just "trouble"!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jeeping at Evans Creek!!!

Forest got a jeep, his first jeepin trip with us!! Rob & Joanne
Wow, easy Mike!!
Rob, giving to much throttle!

Easton! Shelly & Curtis Property!!

Are last nice weather trip this summer was at Curtis & Shelly's property in Easton! it was a lot of fun! We got to go on the Ski Doo and Jet Ski! Well, Shelly and I sat in the sun!!
Curtis spraying Michael & Eric!!
Curtis gives Shelly a ride!!
Michael and Eric rowing!
Curtis attempts the Jet Ski!!
Mike & Ryan
Mike & Eric
Mike lets Eric Drive!
Michael & Mike
Eric & Mason!!


Michael did not want to touch the bugs!!!

Naches Adventure!

Naches again, Rob and Mike decided to get stuck at the same time!!

Rob and Joanne had to park their jeep out of camp after getting stuck in this mud!
Peeew!!! (It stunk!)
Rob was teacing Michael how to grow a mustache with tree moss!

Joanne & Ryan catching bugs again!!

Labor Day Swap Meet Treasure!!

Well, this is what we bought at the 2008 Packwood Labor Day Swap Meet!!
This is CJ; now Byrdie has a friend!!!

Labor Day Jeepin!!! "RimRock"

The New "Chuck Wagon"! Mike gets in a jamm! And looses the drive-line!
Pulls the wench out~!
Wow, Ron needs to help it out a little!
Charlie hooks to the back as we wench from the front!

Homemade Potty!!!

Well after camping a few time in the tent, Joanne and I decided to make a seat for the boys. We are so proud of it we thought we would share!!!

Casie's Wedding at Kettle falls!!

Jadyn tackles Clayton at the wedding! Joanne walks Casey up the aisle!
The cutest picture of Steph and her new baby!!
BJ and Casey!!
Everyone gets to try the jet Ski for the first time! We had a blast! Some more then others (Ha Ha Adam!) Anyway we had a great trip and the wedding was perfect!
Here's Mike!
Grandpa Olson/My Dad
My brother Pat

Everyone did great! It was a lot of fun!!!